Client Care Hours

The OT profession values service and dedication to client care. As such,students may work long hours, nightshifts, holidays, and weekends during Clinical Phase experiences. Every opportunity for a client encounter advances each student’s academic and professional growth. Students are expected to complete approximately forty (40) hours of client care activities (e.g. client encounters, documentation of client encounters, etc.) each week. Hours vary depending on the Clinical Phase discipline and the Clinical Affiliate’s practice patterns; however, students are expected to work the same hours as the FW/Capstone Educator(s). This includes seeing clients in all settings in which the Educator provides care (covered by the Clinical Affiliation Agreement) such as the office, hospital, long term care/skilled nursing facility, other outpatient facilities, and prison. Students may need to work with more than one FW/Capstone Educator at the Clinical Site in order to obtain sufficient exposure to client encounters and other activities to achieve Program Learning Outcomes and Graduate Competencies. Students are expected to arrive at the Clinical Site each day at least 15 minutes prior to the expected time.