Curricular Threads

There are four curricular threads that are present throughout the curriculum. They are listed below: 

Thread 1: Collaborative Care: Exhibit effective communication skills to serve successfully as a valued member of an interprofessional team.

Thread 2: Clinical Reasoning: Apply clinical reasoning in the occupational therapy process based on thinking, critical analysis, and a commitment to quality. 

Thread 3: Evidenced- Based: Demonstrate a dedication to evidenced-based, scholarly occupational therapy practice and professional growth through a life of learning and critical analysis. 

Thread 4: Client-Centered: Develop, implement, and evolve client-centered care that is inclusive of the beliefs and needs of our clients. Individuals are motivated and satisfied when fulfilling the needs of society. 

Humans are healthiest and happiest when they can participate in the activities that are most meaningful to them (AOTA, 2017). Individuals are unique despite this common goal, as they are influenced by external and internal factors. Practitioners must evaluate, plan, and communicate with consumers to implement collaborative care, the first curriculum thread. As humans are critical thinkers, the OTD program regards clinical reasoning as a second curricular thread. To continue to provide current evidence-based interventions throughout their careers, students must first be able to examine current practice, personal practice, as well as emerging practice trends. Evidenced-based treatment is the third thread in our curriculum. Client-centered care is the fourth thread noted through the curriculum as students learn to put the needs of the client first and foremost when delivering ethical, competent, quality care.