Description of the LMU-Knoxville OTD Program Educational Program

The Program is a full-time cohort program completed over nine semesters in 36 months leading to a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD). The OTD program is designed to train future OT’s in order to provide high-quality, client-centered care in the Appalachian region and beyond. This 108-credit program provides a solid foundation in occupational therapy and includes opportunities for interprofessional education. The first six semesters are completed in the classroom (Didactic Phase) and the final three semesters are completed at the fieldwork and capstone sites of the Program’s Clinical Affiliates (Clinical Phases). Students must successfully complete the Didactic Phase, including acquisition of Didactic Phase Learning Outcomes, before beginning the Clinical Phase. Students must successfully complete the Clinical Phase to graduate. Throughout the Program, students are supported in their acquisition of clinical knowledge, skills, and development of professional conduct necessary for the delivery of high-quality client-centered care for the people of the Appalachian region and beyond.