OTD-722: Research Process

Credits 3
Academic Level

This course includes an introduction and study of methods of scientific inquiry and research pertaining to human-service professions. An overview of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and design will be introduced with emphasis placed on understanding the research process and how to use research to evaluate and guide models of clinical decision-making using Internet, library, and other resources. The fundamentals of scholarly activities and their contributions to a professional knowledge base will be highlighted. This course advances students' knowledge and understanding of quantitative and qualitative research designs. Students will develop and apply quantitative statistical analysis as well as qualitative data analysis to understand processes used in scholarly research. This course also prepares students for the planning and implementation of the OTD clinical doctoral project. It will offer review and discussion of statistical analyses as it relates to health sciences research. Students will design a comprehensive research proposal and develop independent research skills to plan, evaluate, and critique clinical studies in professional practice. (Prerequisite- none)