OTD-728: Client Care Management I

Credits 2
Academic Level

This is the first of two courses designed to expose, orient, and introduce students to interprofessional practice through the acquisition and demonstration of skills related to the collaborative examination and management of clients in different practice settings. Students of various healthcare disciplines will work closely to learn and practice client care skills. This course will emphasize the overall assessment, assessment of vital signs and appraisal of lab values, standard precautions and infection control, client positioning and draping, bed mobility, and will introduce transfers, and body mechanics awareness. Students will also begin to develop problem-solving and clinical reasoning skills related to client care within in the context of the interprofessional healthcare team. Through lecture and lab sessions, students will interact, engage, and collaborate with students from other healthcare disciplines to evaluate simulated client's representative of the Appalachian region. (Prerequisite- OTD710)